This is a Demo/Prototype of a game I'm working on with the Doogie Fun Apparel Team. It's a Physics Based Platformer similar to games like Mario, Red Ball, Sonic, etc. It's still in Development, so many things may change in the final product. Visit their site over at for info on T-Shirts, Hats and other Items.

Again, this is an early build/prototype of the game so many things (sound effects, title graphics, physics, etc) may not work like they should (many has been fixed so far in the final build). But it's still playable, so try it out.

UPDATE: This is the new version of the DEMO. I'm having a problem with the game not loading past the 1st Splash Screen whenever I or someone else first play the game. If it's not loading, try to reload the page or click on the back browser button and re-click on the link again; then it should work. Again, it's a bug I'm trying to figure out.


1.04 10/10/2015 - First Prototype Demo

1.07 3/10/2016 - First Full Official Demo, 1st Full Stage 1 VALLEY is Playable. Added new colors to Birds, also new enemies. Some sound effects are not working or haven't been added yet. And the 'Share Score' option is not functioning as of now, will implement it later.

1.07 FINAL 6/22/2016 - Final DEMO before Official Release, shortened the Stage 1 VALLEY Stage to only 4 Levels + BOSS Stage. Fixed alot of the Sound Effects problems, and will add Stage Select, Score Share and Options to Final Build on Release.


- Arrow Keys to move Left/Right

- SPACE Bar to jump

- Right SHIFT to Pause Game

If you have any questions, just email me:

Thanks for Playing ;-)

Published Nov 05, 2015
StatusIn development
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, ball, bounce, doogie, Physics