A downloadable book

The Official StoryBook (aimed at Kids) that tells the Story (and Backstory) of the Game/Mobile App 'Trap Dat Ninja'!  The story is currently being written by Kwaku Wynn (the author of the 'Ninja X.T.A.S.E.' series and Developer of 'Trap Dat Ninja') and will be published by PIOArt/PIOSystems.  

Official Synopsis:

Nana Paulina Asase, Head Matron of the Ninja School Dojo, has been in Meetings with the United Nations World Security Council Intelligence Agency about Tragic Events that has been going on across the Globe.  As she listen and gathers info on the Shadowy figure, she calls on her Divine Wisdom, Intuition and previous Grandmaster Ninja Training to figure out how to best handle the situation.  Soon afterwards, she has an Empathic Calling on which one of her gifted Students to send on the Mission... 

Full Story and Book Coming Soon!