Finally, the Remixed and Fixed version of the Hit Mobile Game App is Here!

Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX is the long awaited update to PIOSystem's 1st Game, 'Trap Dat Ninja'.  With new Enemies, Characters, Intro Cinematic and Unlockable Weapons, Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX improves on the Bullet/Ninja Hell Shooter experience in so many ways!  Thanks for playing and remember to TRAP DAT NINJA!

11/11/17 - Version 1.01: The original Upload of TdatN:REMIX.  Had a few bugs within the game, so I had to take this down and fix them.

12/3/17 - Version 1.02: Fixed a few things, Still working on the icons for the in-game Weapon Select.  It shows all weapons unlocked, but they are not and still need to reach score point levels to unlock them.

2/11/18 - Version 1.03: Now the FREE/Html5 version is available to play online!  Try out Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX, and if you like it, buy and download it!  Also, there are a few bugs with the in-game Pointer/Cursor not syncing up; will be fixed soon!

3/14/18 - Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX is now available on the Android/Google Play App Store!  So please download and play the Updated version for a better gaming experience!

4/11/18 - Version 1.04: Made some corrections to one of the Damsel's Callouts; Also made correction to Final Mission stage layouts.  Altered 'How To Play' instructions for Desktop/HtmL5 versions of the Game, and Adjusted 'Weapon Unlock' score Values. Fixed GyeNyame Cursor; Now Syncing with Mouse Pointer.

Now Available on Windows/PC and Google Play/Android App Store!

Coming Soon to Apple/iTunes App Store, Mac/Apple OS and other formats, so be on the Lookout!

OG Version of TRAP DAT NINJA can be found here:

Original TRAP DAT NINJA story:

Play as Sky Nyame (pronounced N-YAH-MAY), a young upstart Ninja who is called upon to take on the notorious Ninja Posse, Led by the enigmatic, somewhat mysterious Mr.Shinobi!

- Fun Action Bullet/Shuriken/Ninja Star Hell Shooter!

- Colorful Retro Arcade Style Graphics!

- Cool Synth/Electro/Hip Hop influenced Soundtrack!

- Interesting, Humorous and Unique Characters!

- Windows XP or Higher

How To Play Instructions Are In The Game



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SoundCloud: Listen to the Official 'TRAP DAT NINJA' Soundtrack! Coming Soon for Purchase on iTunes and Google Play!


Buy Now$2.11 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.11 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX (Ver.1.04) 48 MB
Trap Dat Ninja (Original 'O.G.' Version) 42 MB
Trap Dat Ninja Official Soundtrack 38 MB

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