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Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX

REMIX Version of the Hit Game/Mobile App Trap Dat Ninja! · By PIOSystems


Recent updates

Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX is now Free To Play
The Full Version of Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX is now Free To Play in the App on the Google Play Store with Ads, and if you still like to play an Ad-Free Version of...
Update to Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX Mobile (Android) Ver. 1.04
Big Update to the Mobile (Android) Version 1.04 of Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX: - Added a New Star Fire 'Spin' Button To Visually Show When You Are Shooting Stars Or...
Updates to Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX HtmL5 (Ver.1.06)
Minor Updates to the Game: - Did a Damsel Swap for CASTLE Mission (Stage 5) - Changed The 'Share Score' Title to 'Follow on Social Media' at the Game Over Scre...
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Minor Update to Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX HtmL5 (Ver.1.05)
Just a Minor Update...change the 'Share Score' in game to 'Follow Trap Dat Ninja' Online Also Adjusted Matron NaNa Asase's Particle Intro Effects...
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Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX (Ver. 1.04)
4/11/18 - Version 1.04: Made some corrections to one of the Damsel's Callouts; Also made correction to Final Mission stage layouts. Altered 'How To Play' ins...
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Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX has been published to Google Play!
Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX has finally been uploaded to the Android Google Play App Store! This is the PAID version (still $2.11), and a FREE version with ads hopef...
Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX ver 1.03 Update
New version of Trap Dat Ninja: REMIX, here are some of the updates: - Fixed some paths of the Damsels - Added Weapons Unlock Icons to 'Game Over' Screen - Fixed...
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